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How and Where to create MX Record; Sub Domain and C Name Entries From Net4 Control Panel If Name Server Are With Net4India For Bizmailplus Services

Kindly refer to the below mentioned steps to change MX Record; Sub Domain and C Name details from Net4 Control Panel.

Step 1: Go to url and Login with CRN ID and Password

Step 2: Go to My Services Domains

Step 3: Go to My Domain names and click on the domain name for which you wish to create Sub Domain

Step 4: Click on DNS

Step 5: Click on add sub domain

Step 6: Create the sub domain as Mail and enter the IP Address as by selecting A record under host name and then click create now.

Step 7: After initiating a sub domain request kindly create the cname for the pop server by entering Subdomain Name as pop and Host Name as mail.domainname and then click create now.

Step 8: Kindly create the cname for the smtp server as Subdomain Name as mail and Host Name as and then click create now.

Step 9: Kindly create another cname entry mentioning subdomain name as smtpauth and Host Name as

Step 9: Kindly Go to My Services Domains.

Step 10: Go to My domain names and select the domain name for which you wish to change the MX Record and then click on manage MX

Step 11: Enter the MX record along with priority and Click on Add.

Step 12: Delete existing MX record and click on save changes

Step 13: Click on save changes.

Secure FTP ( FTPS) by using filezilla

FTPS connection in FILEZILLA

FTPS is FTP over SSL. FTPS ensures that your login credentials and transferred data is safe from prying eyes. Follow the process below to establish a FTPS connection.

  1. i.            Click start -> program files to open FileZilla FTP client
  2. ii.            Click on file -> Site Manager
  1. 1
  1. iii.            Feed in the connection name under My Sites


  1. iv.            Put the domain name in the Host box and FTP credentials in the User and Password box respectively
  1. v.            Ensure that in Servertype FTPES – FTP over explicit TLS/SSL is selected


  1. vi.            Click Connect and then click OK to accept the certificate to get connected4

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