How do I connect to my server using SSH?

First, you’ll need to download PuTTY. PuTTY is a simple program that connects to your server so that you can issue commands via the command line. You can download PuTTY here:


2. Once downloaded, open PuTTY up and put your servers IP address in the “Hostname IP address” field:

3. Set the protocol to SSH and type ‘22′ into the port box. (your port may not be 22, if you are using any other port than 22 simply input the port # into the box)

4. Click ‘Open’

5. At this point it will ask you to accept a security key. Click ‘Yes’ to accept the host key.


6. Now you will see a black box requesting a username. In most cases the username will be ‘root’. Input the username and then press the ‘enter’ button.

7. Now it will request the password for the user that you’re attempting to log in as. This will be the password that we sent you in the welcome email. (As you type the password, nothing will display on the black screen as you type. It will look like nothing is being typed into the box, this is normal and your password is in fact being typed into the box)


8. You should now be connected to your server via SSH, you can now issue commands to your dedicated server.