Active Server Pages, ASP 0131
Disallowed Parent Path
The Include file ‘../’ cannot contain ‘..’ to indicate the parent directory.
//, line

This error occur, if your web application is using relative path which is including statements with Microsoft’s Active Server Pages (ASP) and the browsing on a Web page there by returns an error message similar to the one displayed above.

This is caused by disabled ASP’s “parent paths” in IIS 6 for a Web site or application while using relative parent paths in an include statement. Enabling ASP’s “parent paths” may constitute a security risk (view of the hackers able exploid this ) because an include path can access critical or confidential files outside the root directory of your web application.

Relative Parent Paths includes statements in the following form:
<–#include file=”../<filename.ext>”–>

The best solution towards this issue is to use absolute virtual paths from the root of the Web site instead of Relative Paths.
The syntax example below illustrates how to implement absolute virtual paths:
<!–#include virtual=”/<virtual path>/<filename.ext>”–>

There by, we request you to make appropriate modifications in your application code to take advantage of the better, robust and more secure environment provided by IIS 6 and avoid the usage of Realtive Paths.

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