Net4 Web based FTP

What is it ?

Net4 Web Ftp is a web-based file upload and download mechanism which runs on a web server,  The client web master can use a web browser (for example Internet Explorer or Mozilla) to login and manage the web content.  The web server is connected to corresponding FTP server in the back-end and execute the instructions from web ftp.

There are various situation where we can use web based ftp and get the advantage over other ftp client. You can access web content anywhere and also can change the content online without downloading the the ftp client.  If you are behind the firewall or  broadband connection, some time you may have experienced FTP connection issue due network port blocking by the proxy firewall and other firewall reason. In such situation you can use this to upload/download and modify your web site content via browser.

Net4 Ftp Features

- Navigate the FTP server
- Upload files
- Download files
- Zip files – Unzip files ( Zip all the files and unzip at server which reduce the data transfer and save time)
- Copy, move and delete
- Rename and chmod ( folder permission could be changed )
- Edit HTML or Code online

Net4 ftp URL: